Description and Pack Sizes: Gonadorelin (as acetate) 100µg/mL in a clear solution for injection. Available in 20mL HDPE plastic vials and 100mL flexipacks.
Action: Contains gonadorelin, a decapeptide that is identical to the endogenous Gonadotrophin Releasing Hormone (GnRH) that controls the production and secretion of Luteinising Hormone (LH) and Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) by the pituitary gland. Both LH and FSH have a direct effect on the ovary: FSH stimulates follicle development, while LH induces ovulation and luteinisation. Injection of Ovurelin injection induces the simultaneous release of FSH and LH, thereby stimulating the maturation of ovarian follicles, ovulation and development of the corpus luteum.
Indication: For use in oestrus synchronisation programmes in combination with PGF. Also for the treatment of anoestrus, prevention of delayed ovulation and improvement of postpartum fertility, and for the treatment of cystic ovaries in cattle. For use in Prosynch and Oestrus Synchrony Programmes.
DOSAGE: For intramuscular injection into the anterior half of the neck.
Day 0 1mL Ovurelin Injection (100µg gonadorelin)
Day 7 2mL Ovuprost Injection (500µg cloprostenol)
Day 9 1mL Ovurelin Injection (100µg gonadorelin)

Insemination 8-24 hours after 2nd Ovurelin Injection.
PREVENTION OF DELAYED OVULATION: 2.5mL Ovurelin Injection (250µg gonadorelin).
IMPROVEMENT OF POSTPARTUM FERTILITY: 2.5mL Ovurelin Injection (250µg gonadorelin).
CYSTIC OVARIES: 5mL Ovurelin Injection (500µg gonadorelin).
Side Effects:
Special Precautions:
Withholding Times: MEAT and MILK: Nil.
Human First Aid, Symptoms Of Poisoning:
Other Information: Store below 25°C (room temperature). Protect from light. Open vials should be used within 28 days of broaching.


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