About Us

Since 1999 we introduced ourselves as one of the leaders in Veterinary Medicines agents and distributors in Egypt.

Who We Are ?

Since we started, we implemented continuous improvement process with a sole purpose of providing our customers with more efficient support, in order to improve the health of their birds and animals with a consequence improvement of the productivity of their institute.

With this in mind, we designed the corporate strategies for the benefit of our customers:

  • Being more and more customer-oriented, working close to them in order to satisfy their needs on a permanent base.
  • Looking for the best manufacturers & suppliers, who have the products, which satisfy the needs of our different customers.
  • Helping in improving animal health and maximum productivity programs with personalized service & attention.
  • We provide safe, effective products, services and health programs, leading a maximum animal performance.
  • We have our long term goals to be the main supplier for Vet products in Egypt.

Meet Our Team

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